Lead tracking software

Are your advertising sources working for your business or against your business?

Are you tracking your businesses advertising sources? Are you 100% confident that your all of your hard earned money is actually generating you leads?

Unless you track the leads that are generated, how can you know what’s working for your business (generating leads) or against your business? (costing money with no return).

If your not tracking using lead tracking software, then the short answer is…no, you don’t know 100% that your advertising money is working for you, and that’s a scary realisation for any business owner.

Most businesses advertise using an array of sources or platforms, offline or online.

Let’s take a look at a few:

Radio advertising, newspaper ads, television commercials, magazines, local publications, social media marketing, search engine marketing.

I’m sure you would agree, all of these aren’t cheap advertising sources.

Advertising sources tend to have different demographics, in most cases, not all demographics will have an interest in your product or service.

That’s where Dreamfast can help you potentially save £100’s or £1000’s on your marketing budget.

Phone calls are highly prized leads, that’s why we provide multiple unique local area code phone numbers which are designated to each advertising source that are labelled for easy identification.

Using our real-time reporting, this allows you to analyse which sources are working for your business, and which are not.

With your own online portal, you can login at any point and see the results.

Factual, trackable marketing data doesn’t lie.

Neither does Dreamfast.

What's the benefits?

Cut Your Marketing Budget

Potentially save £100’s or £1000’s on your marketing budget and still generate strong leads. Branding is important – but leads are the life line of all businesses.

Local, Unique Phone Numbers

Get multiple unique local area code phone numbers, designate them to your advertising sources.  All you need to do is add these numbers to your artwork and let Dreamfast do the rest.

Exponential Lead Growth

Instead of continuing with the same advertising sources that are proven not to work, reinvest that money in other advertising sources that are working for your business.  More leads = more clients.

Real-time Stats & Reporting

Login to your portal easily and see your results fast.  No hassle, no fuss.

Unlimited Minutes

With Dreamfast, all your incoming calls are included.  That means there is no usage limits preventing leads from calling you.

Redirect Calls

We can construct complex call routing scenarios – if your office closes at 5PM, but you still want calls to be routed elsewhere after that time, no problem!

Example 1: Dawn is a business owner for a small tourist attraction service, she doesn't track her marketing.

lead generation

Dawn’s monthly marketing budget is £4,000.

She’s so busy running her business that she simply doesn’t have time to track her marketing or understand the technical know-how to set it up.

Dawn advertises in various advertising sources – including:

  1. Local radio – £1,500 p/m
  2. Local newspaper – £800 p/m
  3. Retreat Tourism publication – £425 p/m
  4. Travelers Choice magazine – £650 p/m
  5. On-board ferry advertising – £300 p/m
  6. Digital banner ads, local news website – £325 p/m

Which of these paid advertising services are actually generating leads for Dawn?

Is the radio advertising working? The magazine advertising? How about the local newspaper ads?

Dawn has absolutely no idea…but surely all of it should be generating leads since it’s a paid for service….

Not necessarily, and here lies the danger for all business owners.

What if 50% of Dawn’s budget wasn’t actually generating leads, that’s £2,000 every month, wasted.

That’s £24,000 per year, wasted.

Example 2: Dan is a window & conservatory business owner, he's a Dreamfast customer & tracks his marketing, smart lad.

lead generation services

Dan knows that when you advertise, it’s all about ROI. Branding is important – but leads are the life line of all businesses.

Dan’s full-page newspaper advert has been running for the past 6 months and has cost over £5,000.

Dreamfast has identified that it’s generated no phone call leads.

Dan’s changed the advert creative 3 times, yet still no calls have occurred.

With this new data, should Dan spend another £5,000 on the same advertising source armed with this insightful information?

Trackable data doesn’t lie, neither does Dreamfast.

The proof is in the pudding.

Instead of continuing with advertising sources that have statistical reason to show they are working against his business, Dan will invest that money in to other advertising sources that are working for his business.

What happens?

Exponential lead growth.

More leads = more clients.

Dan’s smart, Dan uses Dreamfast.

“How much money is your business wasting?”

Save £100’s or £1000’s on your marketing budget and still generate strong leads.

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