Pay Per Click Marketing

Highly relevant visitors that are seeking the services or products you offer sent directly to your website.

Does this sound familiar?

Most businesses have to advertise. Most suffer from the same frustrating problems – the lack of time, resources or ineffective marketing skills to advertise online.

Take Laura as an example. She manages a family window & conservatory business.

The whole family is passionate about helping their clients, however Laura admits that her and her team just don’t have either the time or the skill set to look for new sales opportunities online.

The industry is changing…

Print advertising is slowing dying, digital advertising is the new era and it’s approaching fast – every business must adopt this new beast or perhaps suffer the consequences of getting left behind & their competition dominating there market.

Business owners like Laura often find they are too busy to focus on learning very steep learning curves for digital platforms such as Google, Facebook & Alexa. Without a strong understanding in these areas, many minefields can be tripped invoking expensive setbacks.

To put it simply, some business owners just don’t know where to even begin.


Google Ads PPC

Search traffic is the highest quality. Why? Because we know the searchers intent, LeadHawk can connect Google searchers seeking your services or products and direct them to your business website.

Get maximum exposure in your market on the World’s most popular search engine. 65% of search results clicks go to Google Ads with buyer intent keywords.

Google is King of the digital marketing platforms, if your not already advertising – your leaving money on the table.

What's the benefits?

Google is king

Use Google Ads to grow your business & promote your website. The very finest of online advertising.  It doesn’t get better than Google, used by 1m+ businesses.

Master of ads

Creating great ads comes with experience.  LeadHawk have mastered the art of copy writing through years of testing. Expect high CTR’s, expect the very best ads crafted for your business.

Top gun dominance

Dominate your market. Get the best exposure on Google & #no1 ad positions for relevant search terms for your business. Your competitors won’t know what hit them. Literally.

Facebook Ads PPC

Facebook Ads work to help your business reach over two billion Facebook users worldwide based on their location, age, gender, interests and more.

Are your potential new clients on Facebook? Absolutely! Advertise locally or nationally – Facebook’s audience reach is limitless.

It’s a great way to not only generate leads, but to also build or improve your businesses brand and boost awareness in your local community.

What's the benefits?

Tell your story

What’s your story? Do you have an important business announcement? If you want everyone to hear, shout it loud from the roof tops.  Facebook is the digital platform that will get your message out loud and clear. LeadHawk can target your ideal customer audience via demographics, interests & locations.

Artwork included

Facebook is based on interruption marketing.  Their users are primarily browsing and having fun.  That’s why it’s important to have a creative advert that will really catch peoples attention.  LeadHawk are masters at crafting visual adverts, that’s why we offer to do the artwork for you at no extra cost.

Brand boosting

Whether your business is just starting, or you already have achieved a strong brand – you can never have to much brand exposure. Consistency is the goal. Being memorable and creating a lasting impression with consumers is vital.  Facebook has your audience.

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