Stop frustrating cold calls to your business with PhoneTap

Sick & tired of cold callers?

Let’s face it, we all find cold callers terribly frustrating & a nuisance, not to mention a big waste of time.

These types of callers can be difficult to deal with and sometimes even bordering rude!

Most people don’t like confrontation so won’t go down the route of hanging up and instead painfully listen to what the caller has to say…

…knowing full well they have zero interest in what they have to offer!

Must businesses receive as an absolute minimum 1 cold call a day.

It’s a big problem and big problems needs big solutions.

cold caller
Time is money. Stop wasting money.

Finally, your can concentrate on your business & let
PhoneTap deal with the cold calls.

Imagine answering a phone call, realising it’s a pesky cold caller, but this time it’s different.

PhoneTap can provide your business with a unique, local phone number so that all marketing calls can be directed away from your main office number.

Now you have the power, you can stop the caller dead in their tracks by telling them that you don’t deal with marketing calls on this number, instead they need to call your marketing number.

You can also add this secondary number to your website and label it ‘marketing’.

All calls are then redirected to our trained agents whom will take the cold calls on your behalf.

We’ll find out exactly who they are and what they are offering.  Then, well track all this data and email you once a month a report of the calls received so you can decide if your interested, in your time.

Now you & your staff can concentrate on your business & let PhoneTap handle the stress!

stop cold callers
We'll deal with the calls, you sit back, relax & run your business.

What's the benefits?

Time is money – stop wasting money!

We all know the old saying, time is money – but it’s true.  Why allow pesky cold callers to waste your time & your staffs time when you don’t have to?

We’ll handle the cold callers

Breath a sigh of relief…imagine you & your staff never having to handle another cold call ever again! Just think of all the extra time you’ll gain, all the important tasks you’ll get done without constant time wasting callers.

Track & send, direct to your email

Our agents will find out who the callers are, their phone numbers and what they are offering.  We’ll then track all this data and send you an easy to ready report each month dealing everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision if it’s worth your time calling them back.

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